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There are over 500 classically based exercises that can be executed on apparatus. The equipment allows the trainer to utilize and sculpt the body in a variety of ways that can't be achieved anywhere else. Peak Pilates is the manufacturer of the equipment found here:

The Wunda Chair is a smaller piece designed to mimic the Reformer for in-home use. This apparatus offers greater challenge to many of the exercises executed on the Reformer as it demands greater focus and control.

The Ladder Barrel is best for encouraging flexibility.  It offers gentle stretches for beginners and great stretches for ballet dancers and more advanced practitioners.  There are various exercises unique to this piece, and it adds complexity to exercises that can be practiced on other apparatus.

The Spine Corrector adds extra challenge to exercises, and is not well suited for the beginner client. It requires significant core strength to maintain safe placement while doing exercises. After some practice this is a great piece that challenges and offers support for exercises.

The Reformer is the first piece of apparatus that Joseph Pilates invented. It offers resistance with springs and pulleys that allow you to move your body in ways that you've never imagined! It's a great starting piece for basic work that also offers very challenging exercises for the most advanced trainers. This is probably the most well-known and often used piece based on the variety it offers.

The Cadillac is a popular piece that is one of the most effective and versatile pieces of exercise equipment ever engineered.  This apparatus was originally invented to enable bed ridden patients to exercise.  It is good for people who are out of shape and also great for athletes and dancers to challenge their strength and flexibility.  The Cadillac also offers a great place for anyone to do the mat work, especially for those who may not move up and down from the floor easily.

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