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Joseph Pilates created this unique exercise system that he coined "contrology," meaning the art of controlling complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit. He created this efficient and balanced method to integrate the body as a whole toward overall fitness. Pilates is adaptable in order to keep all exercises safe yet challenging. Transforming your mind and body to work together achieves great physical, mental, and emotional well-being.​

Exercise can work without pain! Pilates was designed to work with the deepest muscles in the body creating a strong core not necessarily with soreness that is often associated with conventional exercise.

Allow yourself the opportunity to commit to physical and mental self-improvement and you will find a great transformation in the way you look and feel!

"Puh-LAH-teez" is a unique method of body & mind conditioning that focuses on strengthening & controlling movements from the abdominal muscles, known as "the core."

This intelligent exercise challenges clients to connect their mind & bodies for the most efficient workout. Pilates' is practiced by athletes, celebrities, seniors... people of all ages, shapes and sizes, and all levels of fitness. Pilates has become highly sought after because it literally changes your mind and body and leaves you feeling taller, more focused, more aware. With this heightened awareness you will find yourself noticing better posture, deeper breathing, and easier movement with everyday activities.

Physical strengthening and stretching of the body by intentionally focused movement reduces stress and fatigue and gives you greater power from the quality of the movement executed.


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